MINI has a new official accessory – a mobile tent for two adults, costing RM14k!

Ever dreamt of going camping with your MINI? What started of as an April Fool’s joke in 2013 is now a reality. MINI collaborated with Italian roof tent specialists AUTOHOME to come up with a unique AirTop accessory exclusively for MINI cars.

The example here is a tent for two, installed atop the all-new MINI Countryman. MINI said the ‘outdoor setup’ is not just unique to the Countryman, but also to any MINI that has roof rails. You don’t even need any tools to install it.

The tent is made of fibreglass and weighs 58 kg. Erecting the tent is rather easy as well, thanks to four gas pressure springs. It’s slightly less than a metre tall, but it’s spacious enough for two adults to sleep comfortable, measuring 2.1 metres long and 1.3 metres wide.

Inside, there is a high-density mattress with cotton cover, dual zipper-type entry and windows as well as mosquito nettings on all openings. Other items that come with the tent are LED interior lights, luggage nets and the aluminium ladders. 

The tent, available as an official accessory from MINI, can be had for  £2,400 (approximately RM14k) and is only available in shades of black or white. As far as we find it ridiculous, something in our head is telling us to get one of these…



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