Ford Mustang is the best selling sports car in the world! [+Video]

The Ford Mustang, currently in its sixth life cycle, was the first ever ‘Stang to be introduced to right-hand drive markets. Apparently, all it took was just one move to springboard it to become the best selling sports car in the world.

Last year alone, the Blue Oval shipped over 150,000 units of the Mustang, 45,000 of which are sold outside of the United States – Malaysia included. According to IHS Markit, international growth for the Mustang is at a whopping 101 percent, with the bulk of exports going to China and rather surprisingly, Germany!

Since 2015, more than 395,000 units of the Mustang have been assembled at the company’s Flat Rock Assembly plant. The numbers however, will continue to grow, following the launch of the Mustang facelift and its topless variant early this year.

As a refresher, the facelift gets a new 10-speed automatic (yes, ten speed!) and will not come with the V6 engine. Only the 2.3-litre EcoBoost and 5.0-litre V8 will make it through the production line. The handling has also been improved thanks to revised suspension and new MagneRide adaptive dampers.

Back home, pricing for the Mustang starts at RM489k for the 2.3-litre, while the big bore V8 costs RM599k.

Travis Chang

Travis Chang

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