All-new Lynk & Co 03 is a Volvo sedan on a budget, to debut soon

Founded in 2016, Lynk & Co is a Chinese car manufacturer owned by Geely, who by the way also owns Swedish Marque, Volvo. It is positioned between the budget friendly Geely and the premium Volvo.

Now, you’ve seen the hip looking Lynk & Co 01, and now they’ve gone on to tease a concept sedan ahead of the Shanghai Motor Show. Based on the teaser photo, the Lynk & Co 03 Concept clearly shares the same flair as its SUV sibling.

It gets a full length front grille and strong shoulder lines running across the door handles. The rear is reminiscent of the Audi A3 sedan; even the wheels look Audi-esque. However, it remains to be seen how much of this design will make it to the final production stage.

The cabin is admittedly familiar, albeit in a good way. The steering wheel looks largely the same as those found in recent Volvos, while the instrument cluster is fully LCD. The centre tunnel looks as though it was lifted off a Volvo, save for the crystal gear knob. Even the way the infotainment system is angled towards the driver is just like Volvo’s doing. The cabin may look like a Volvo, feels like a Volvo but it’s not a Volvo.

Besides that, Lynk & Co is gearing to take the China market by storm with the promise of offering a car ownership experience like no other. The company is targeting a new generation of car buyers who grew up in the mobile app revolution. Besides the conventional methods of buying and leasing a car, Lynk & Co are looking to introduce borrowing and sharing scheme of their Lynk & Co vehicles.

The company has not revealed further details about their upcoming vehicles and their business strategy. More information about the newly founded automaker and its model range will be disclosed soon when the Shanghai Motor Show goes into full swing from 21 April to 28 April.



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