Audi catching up on SUV race, still trails behind Mercedes-Benz and BMW

“The most interesting segment in the automotive industry at present has three letters: SUV. No other type of car has higher growth figures.” That was a statement issued by Audi AG on the back of their latest efforts in ramping up SUV production.

Currently, the Volkswagen subsidiary has four SUVs in its stable: the Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7. BMW has five, while Mercedes-Benz has seven. The next SUV to be crowned with the four rings will be the flagship Q8 (pictured above) that’s set to make its global debut next year. In 2019, Audi will introduce the Q4 compact crossover.

In 2016, Audi sold 622,000 units of SUVs, the bulk of which are of the Q5 with 278,968 units. The second generation Audi Q5 has yet to make its regional debut, but Audi Malaysia has hinted at a tentative launch date at the final quarter of this year.

That means there will be at least two new SUVs to expect from Audi this year, with the Q2 being the first to arrive sometime in the next three months.


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