Lexus, while highly valued for their terrific quality and customer satisfaction, still finds itself trailing behind the Germans in one big aspect: them is the sense of envy and admiration. Don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about.

To realise “Lexus envy”, Lexus International President, Tokuo Fukuichi has stepped down to become the brand’s chief branding officer and hopes to enliven the Lexus identity. At the LC coupe launch in Japan, Fukuichi said “When you’re stuck in traffic, people look at the driver in the Mercedes as a person who has made it in society, and they will envy you. We haven’t fully achieved that compared with the German three.”

While Lexus’ biggest disadvantage has always been the lack of heritage, Fukuichi believes the design will be the key to win over customers. He also added, “After you purchase a Lexus, your whole lifestyle changes. The people you meet and circulate with will change. That means with just one car, your total life image will change.”

Lexus aims to achieve this through their new range of products, beginning with the LC Coupe and flagship limousine, the new LS. Lexus also previewed the one-and-only Sport Yacht concept (pictured below), which is a carbon fibre yacht propelled by two of their own 5.0-litre V8 engine. Yes, two!

The company also displayed digital renderings of the “Skyjet” spaceship, which will be featured in the upcoming science fiction movie Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets. The Skyjet is part of the movie’s endorsement deal, and will prominently showcase the Spindle grille and Lexus logo. Maybe future space travel in a Lexus can be a reality too!

Source: Auto News

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