Seven decades ago, inside a small factory somewhere in Maranello, an engine was fired up for the first time. The roar came from a 125 S, which is the first car Enzo Ferrari built. This year, Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary, which also means we can expect something big to happen this year.

Before that, let’s shift the attention to the momentous occasion. Did you know that the 125 S was dubbed the “promising failure” by Enzo himself? That’s because the car – armed with a V12 making 118 hp – went through multiple failures before it started going on a winning streak.

For their 70th birthday, Ferrari has tailored 70 special cars, with each car being a tribute to its glorious racing heritage.

Happy turning 70, Ferrari.

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Travis Chang
Formerly spamming articles about cars and motorsports on this site until the day-job caught up. While the day job remains as exciting as a certain beige sedan, writing about cars could be his closest display of showing passion on cars until he gets either a Bimmer, or an Hachiroku one day...