We are living in an era where automakers are no longer in pursuit of semi-autonomous driving, but cars that can completely drive itself. Behold, Peugeot’s latest INSTINCT concept – the French carmaker’s vision of a self-driving vehicle.

Underneath the Shooting Brake body is a hybrid powertrain with up to 300hp at its disposal, whilst also giving us a glimpse of Peugeot’s future automobiles. Besides that, drivers can choose to either drive the car themselves, or leave it up to the computers.

In ‘Drive’ mode, drivers can cycle between ‘Drive Boost’ or ‘Drive Relax’. As the names suggest, the former is for the spirited drive and the latter for a more laid back journey. In ‘Autonomous’ mode, there are two settings to choose from, namely ‘Autonomous Soft’ or ‘Autonomous Sharp’, balancing between comfort and optimised journey times.

At the core of the INSTINCT is Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud which syncs the driver’s device(s) with the car. The data influences the way the car drives, like for example travelling route or even the seating position can be preconfigured according to the driver’s preference based on their connected device.

The interior of the INSTINCT features a futuristic version of the Peugeot i-Cockpit architecture that is more intuitive, adaptable and comfortable cabin. At the centre dash sits a 9.7-inch screen that houses all the main controls of the car.

Futuristic design, autonomous tech, 300hp and the ability to adapt to your lifestyle? We’re not too sure if we’re excited about the future just yet. Well, anything goes, so long as it doesn’t eat into the Peugeot GTi R&D funds!


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