Fuel prices for the month of March will remain the same as February, with RON 95 and RON 97 costing RM2.30 per litre and RM2.60 per litre respectively.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for diesel. Below are the new pricing:

February 2017 March 2017 Difference
Petrol – RON 95 RM2.30 per litre RM2.30 per litre
Petrol – RON 97 RM2.60 per litre RM2.60 per litre
Diesel RM2.15 per litre RM2.20 per litre 5 sen
Diesel Euro 5 RM2.25 per litre RM2.30 per litre 5 sen

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Matthew H. Tong
A straightforward, fun-loving guy who appreciates the superficiality of a car's appeal, but his admiration for anything on four wheels gives him no reason to neglect the makings of a car. He still believes that fun comes with three pedals and a stick.