Breitling launches Bentley Supersports B55 timepiece in Malaysia, from RM60k

To celebrate the grand opening of Bentley Kuala Lumpur’s new flagship showroom and the launch of the limited edition Bentley Continental GT Speed – Black Speed here in Malaysia, Breitling for Bentley has displayed the limited edition Bentley Supersports B55 timepiece.

Only 500 units of this sporty chronograph will ever be made. The casing is built entirely out of titanium and is purposely created to deliver functions and performance which complement Bentley’s high performance vehicles. The dials are made of carbon fibre while the black rubber strap with double-layer red edges gives the timepiece a sporty appearance, befitting of a motorsports arena.

For the first time in Breitling’s history, electric movement is featured in a timepiece. Thanks to two LCD digital display, the B55 comes with smartphone connectivity that pairs the chronograph to a dedicated app that unlocks these motorsports functions – Chrono Rally, Chrono Race and Regularity Rally.

Chrono Rally is dedicated to rally races that record up to 30 rally stages, complete with departure date, start time, duration and intermediate times for each stage. It even adds in any penalties incurred.

Chrono Race is designed for recording lap times, split lap times and average speed per lap. Lastly, the Regularity Rally function acts as a time keeper, allowing the driver to determine whether the designated lap times were met.

According to Breitling, every unit of B55 imported to Malaysia will come with an auspicious serial number. The B55 is on display at Breitling’s boutique store located at Level 2 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.



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