When the first-generation Toyota Prius rolled out of the factory in 1997, they probably didn’t imagine that hybrid cars would make the vast impact it did up till today. Not only have set the bar high with the Toyota Hybrid System, they have also shifted a collective volume of 10 million hybrid cars!

Today, the Japanese are the biggest adopters of Toyota’s hybrid models, followed by North America. Unsurprisingly, the Prius is Toyota’s best seller with close to 4 million units shipped worldwide. Its smaller equivalent, the Prius C, fared well with 1.38 million units sold globally since being introduced in late 2011.

The THS has now moved beyond the Prius nameplate, and the “Hybrid Synergy Drive” logo can now be found in 34 models. From compact hatchbacks to family movers and even the TS050 Le Mans racer, Toyota’s hybrid technology is here to stay and they are in it for the long run.

Back home, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is still offered by UMW Toyota from RM164,900.00.

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Travis Chang
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