Ford to produce 13 new electrified cars, Ford Mustang hybrid among the cards!

Surprise, surprise. It seems that the Ford Mustang won’t just succumb to the fate of downsizing but also hybridisation. Ford has announced at a press conference that the company will introduce 13 new global electrified vehicles in the near future, seven of which will be introduced within the next five years including the Mustang hybrid, F-150 hybrid and a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid.

In an announcement to invest $700 million (RM3.1 billion) and adding 700 new jobs to the Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan U.S, the company is making a major push for electric vehicles (EV). Besides the hybridisation of the three models mentioned above, Ford is also working to produce an autonomous hybrid vehicle, an all-electric compact SUV and two hybrid police vehicles.2017 Ford Plans for Hybrid and EV Vehicles

Ford did not disclose any information of the green powertrain but hinted that the Mustang will offer power outputs that of a V8 with even more low-end torque. This suggests that the engineers may adopt the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine and strap on an electric motor (or two) to further boost the 315 hp and 432 Nm figures. If the case holds true, no doubt the new hybrid mill will match or better the 5.0-litre V8’s 435 hp and 542 Nm figures.

The all-electric compact SUV is slated for the global market and the Blue Oval has suggested that this vehicle will come with an estimated range of at least 300 miles (480 km). Ford is also exploring wireless charging technology for convenience.

Seems that we have plenty to look forward to from the American company over the course of the next five years. Which vehicle you are looking forward to, dear readers? The all-electric compact SUV or the Mustang hybrid?


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