2016 Mitsubishi Triton flaunts breadth of talents at the Extra Hardcore Roadshow!

To be honest, 430 Nm of torque is an overkill for the urban jungle. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia(MMM) knows that, so they have organised the Triton Extra Hardcore Roadshow specially for your pleasure.

How, you ask? A thrilling taxi ride with a specially prepared Mitsubishi Triton, manned by none other than Leona Chin, our very own homegrown drifter.  If you have the gumption, go for it. It is not everyday you get to enjoy speed (very possibly sideways) in a 1,800kg pickup truck.2016-triton-hardcore-action-roadshow-15

MMM has also prepared a wide range of obstacles including a 45-degree, 25-feet tall sky ramp to showcase the robust underpinnings of the Mitsubishi Triton. Other obstacles are a roller ramp, side traverse and uneven ramp.

The new Triton was launched last month with a refreshed 2.4-litre MIVEC diesel with Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) that churns out a substantial 430 Nm from a rather accessible 2,500 rpm. New equipments were added to keep the Triton on par with the competition too.2016-triton-hardcore-action-roadshow-4

The event took place at Setia City Convention Center and went on for two days. The next stop will be at Juru Auto City, Penang (8-9 October). The action ends at Plaza Angasana, Johor Bahru (15-16 October).  Those who put down their deposits will get a booking gift too.

Casual weekend visitors will like the Leona meet and greet session and fun kids activities.



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