Tun Dr.Mahathir, the very pioneer of Malaysia’s modern automotive industry and brainchild of national brand Proton, has announced his resignation as Chairman of the company. His exit also means he will no longer be the Chairman of Group Lotus as well.

A statement issued by Proton reads, “We respect his wish to step down. We would like to register our utmost appreciation for his valuable contribution, commitment and dedication for his role as Chairman since 2014 as well as an Advisor since 2003. We would like to express our gratitude and recognise Tun Dr. Mahathir’s role as the creator of the national car company.”2016-proton-perdana-brochure (4)

Following this shocking development, along with the appointment of Datuk Ahmad Fuaad Mohd Kenali as Proton’s new CEO (effective April 2016), it’s unclear if this would affect Proton’s future direction and all their current undertaking. This year is supposed to be a critical year for the struggling carmaker, with four planned launches to be carried out throughout the year, beginning with new Perdana.

The Perdana was supposed to be launched in Q1 this year, but it has missed its deadline. We tip our hat off to you, Tun, for all that you have done.

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Travis Chang
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