It seems that deriving a crossover from an existing B-Segment model is the trend these days. The Honda HR-V is a runaway success thanks to the Jazz platform and Mazda is gaining notches with the CX-3, which is basically a Mazda2 on stilts. Now, Toyota is set to follow its rival’s playbook with this new subcompact crossover concept – the ViRA.

Not to be mistaken with the “Wira” moniker we Malaysians are familiar with, the ViRA is a portmanteau between Vitz supermini (also known as the Yaris) and RAV4 crossover. This could suggest that the ViRA is based on the Yaris’ platform and will sit one level below of the RAV4. The wagon-like roof, sporty curves and three-door configuration also hint at a concept that will appeal to and impress the young.Toyota-ViRa-2

Toyota’s standard logo placement aren’t seen on this car, though. Instead, it gets Toyota Industries Corporation’s logos, which is one of Toyota’s large subsidiaries that assembles (under contract) most of their cars, including the Yaris and RAV4.

The ViRA concept will make its debut at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Saloon later this month. Stay tuned!

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Travis Chang
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