It seems that going all-electric is not the only way forward for Audi as they’re preparing a world preview of their new hydrogen-fuelled version of the Q6 SUV in the upcoming Detroit Motor Show. With that, enter the new Q6 h-tron SUV concept – this follows the Audi A7 h-tron quattro revealed not too long ago.

Based on the e-tron quattro concept (pictured here) unveiled in Frankfurt Motor Show back in September, this concept SUV replaces the battery pack from the e-tron Quattro concept with hydrogen fuel cells, while most of the Q6 e-tron’s aesthetics will be carried over into this concept.q6-h1

Audi claims the new Q6 will have an option of normal internal combustion engine, pure electric and hydrogen-fuelled EV as means of propulsion. Also to note, the Q6 will be Audi’s newest SUV to join the trio of Q models, which means it will likely go against rivals such as the BMW X4.

This SUV also sets its sights on environmental friendly SUVs such as the Tesla Model X and will be tested alongside other fuel cell cars such as Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell, Honda FCV Clarity and Toyota Mirai. We won’t need to wait long to find out more on the Q6 when the SUV makes its debut in Detroit a month from now.q6-h3



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