2015 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport unmasked, a tiered down 911 GT3 RS ?

It’s amazing to behold the evolution of a car, like an ugly duckling turning into a swan. Back in 2006 when Porsche unveiled the Cayman to the world, they were absolutely adamant that there would never be a track-focused Cayman; something uniquely reserved for Porsche’s top dog – the 911.

Call it a range-filler if you like but the Cayman really did fill a gap between the Boxster and the 911 models. Now almost 10 years to date, Porch took the sheets of the RM840k GT4 model and shortly thereafter, the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport came along. It features all the hot bits you’d expect in a trackie. Did we mention that it was also FIA compliant ?2015-Porsche-Cayman-GT4-Clubsport-03

We’ll circle round back to that in a bit. Powering this Clubsport – just like its stablemate – is a tried and tested 3.8-litre flat-sixer pushing out 385 hp mounted in the middle. Instead of the stick shifter in the GT4, Porch has elected to dump a slightly modified version of the six-speed dual-clutch PDK box that’s hooked up to a pair of paddle shifters and a mechanical rear-axle locking differential specifically for the track.

Because the 911 GT3 Cup is more suited for this sort of muckin’ about, Porsche fitted the Clubsport with a lightweight strut front axle, so is the lightweight strut suspension with transverse arms. On the safety front, the brand threw on 15-inch vented steel rotors on all corners, squeezed by six-piston calipers up front and four-piston units at the rear. The brakes are paired up to 18-inch forged alloy wheels wearing fat, sticky Michelin racing slicks. Even the Electronic Stability Programme has been reconfigured to adapt to these – all of which are FIA sanctioned.2015-Porsche-Cayman-GT4-Clubsport-02

Porsche gutted the interior to make way for the welded-in roll cage, a racing bucket seat as well as a six-point harness. The result? It tips the scales at just 1,300 kgs. The basic version is equipped with a 90-litre standard fuel tank, with an optional 70-litre or 100-litre FT3 safety tank available as a cost option.

The new Cayman GT4 Clubsport is available from 111,000 euros (RM507k) and can be ordered immediately from Porsche Motorsport Centre in Weissach, Germany. The GT4 Clubsport homologation is planned for a number of race series’ in 2016.



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