Both VW Beetle Bug Edition and Beetle Club variants all snapped up, says Volkswagen Malaysia

Back in August, we brought you news of the limited-edition version of the Beetle called the Club Edition. Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) announced that only 50 units have been allocated for the Malaysian market. Interestingly, 200 units of the limited Beetle Bug edition has been earmarked locally since its announcement in April 2015.

The Beetle Bug Edition (pictured below) on the other hand, was launched earlier this year in April with a sticker price of RM146,888. It came with aesthetic add-ons like the VW Bug side sills, side decals, racing and body stripes embellishments with the Bug logo, and all units were snapped up by September.

Volkswagen Beetle Bug Edition

The Beetle Club edition was fully imported from Mexico and priced at RM152,888. Now, what sets this Bug apart from its ‘ordinary’ siblings are down to key few differences such as the 17″ Ravenna alloy wheels wrapped in a set of Continental ContiPremiumContact2 rubbers and decals that run the length of the car’s lower half with the “Club” lettering. The Club was painted in signature Habanero Orange which lends to its country of origin.

Pleased with the sales of the Volkswagen Beetles, Mr Armin Keller, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia said, “The Beetle on its own is an Icon and the past 60 years of presence in Malaysia is proof. With every limited edition, Volkswagen aims to engage and excite Beetle fans. With that said, fans and customers should keep an eye out for the next limited edition which could be coming soon – another reason to get excited about.”


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