Nissan cars in Malaysia may cost more next year if Ringgit continues to weaken

Next to announce the dreaded inflationary news (after UMW Toyota) is Edaran Tan Chong Malaysia (ETCM), who issued a statement highlighting that pricing for all Nissan models will be raised next year.

The dwindling value of the Ringgit gave ETCM no room for alternative countermeasures but to pass on some costs to their customers. This is despite the company’s many efforts in implementing numerous cost rationalisation and efficiency optimisation exercises to mitigate this outcome. Details of the price increase have not been revealed, though UMW Toyota has come forward with an indicative hike of between 4 to 16 percent, depending on model.

ETCM’s Executive Director, Datuk Ang Bon Beng said, “Despite all adversities, ETCM remains committed in providing our customers with quality, value-added products and the highest level of customer services. The Company will continue to seek and review opportunities for more strategic operational effectiveness and efficiencies within the business and with our partners in order to ensure that the current prices of Nissan vehicles remain unchanged this year.”


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