Rolls-Royce unveils the Dawn ahead of Frankfurt premier [+Video]

Rolls-Royce pulled a shocker when they unveiled the latest model to their range of luxurious people-mover. Enter the Dawn, a model whose inspiration can be traced back to the 1950s. Back then, the Silver Dawn Drogheda is regarded by many as one of the most exquisitely built drop-tops to bear the famed Spirit of Ecstasy, and only 28 examples were ever built.

Rolls-Royce’s adoptive parents, BMW would certainly hope that more than just 28 examples of the Dawn will see the light of day. Roller is hailling the rag-top model as the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built. The Dawn represents the marque’s attempt at capturing a younger audience base. On that note, Rolls might just be pushing the boat a little too far out, we presume.2015-Rolls-Royce-Dawn-Unveiled-12

The Dawn is essentially based on the homogenisation of both of Roller’s ‘cheaper’ models, namely the Ghost and Wraith. That being said, Rolls are adamant that almost every part of the Dawn is new, or about 80 percent to be precise. Even the tyres are new. The rag-top was of special diligence. With the top up, it’s just as silent as the Wraith and will drop its top in utter silence, they claim. It takes just 22 seconds for it to retract and can be done at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

In regards to the design of this stunning droptop, Rolls-Royce set out to sketch and build the most beautiful convertible in Roller’s modern history books. In doing so, they have done a few key things to the Dawn would eventually earn its status as a sporty Rolls-Royce. Say what?2015-Rolls-Royce-Dawn-Unveiled-20

To do this, the wind shield is raked further backwards to give it a sleeker profile. The signature grille has been recessed slightly to accentuate just that. Even the lines that flow the length of the car converge at the grille. Director of Design, Giles Taylor said from the inception of design, the Dawn was to be superb with its top up and equally as stunning with the top down. Mind you, this Roller will seat four in unparalleled luxury and space.

Speaking of luxury or as some say, the true business end of a Roller, is on the inside. The Rolls-Royce Dawn offers four very individual, cosseting bucket-ish seats. The vehicle is a full four seater, meaning there would be absolutely no compromise in comfort regardless of where you sit. To give it the Roller touch, all seats are wrapped in the most supple of bull’s hide and in an array of colours. The example pictured here is dubbed simply as ‘Mandarin‘.2015-Rolls-Royce-Dawn-Unveiled-06

Pin-drop silence is great and all, but it just isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, they have thrown in a 16-speaker stereo on this ultra-luxurious drop top. With the help of British audio firm Bespoke Audio, they’ve come up with a perfect acoustically tuned interior that projects a ‘larger-than-life‘ experience. The stereo here is mightily similar to the one found in the Wraith.

The beating heart and soul of this Roller  is the rather familiar 6.6-litre twin-turbocharged V12  whisper-quiet powertrain. We only know what it makes – 563 bhp at 5,250 rpm and 780 Nm of torque at 1,500 rpm. In typical Rolls-Royce fashion, its century sprint time hasn’t been revealed, but it will top out at a maximum speed of 250 km/h.2015-Rolls-Royce-Dawn-Unveiled-03

In efforts of further expanding luggage space, Rolls hasn’t bothered with a spare wheel or jack, but rather the 20″ wheels (21″ as an option) come banded with run-flat tyres. These tyres are capable of covering up to 160 km of tarmac before needing to be replaced. Run-flats have tradionally been a sore subject amongst drivers, but Rolls-Royce assures potential customers of ‘remarkable levels of control‘ even when deflated.

More details surrounding this super luxury drop-head Roller will surface after its official launch at the Frankfurt international motor show, one that takes place on 15 September. Do stay tuned!



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