Rolls Royce: Limited Edition Wraith is all “Inspired by Music”

Rolls-Royce are famed builders of cars that are christened with the lable of being the finest cars in the world, with a history of building iconic cars that has become the car of choice for the world’s elite and the upper echelons of society.

It’s no secret that celebrities love to drive exotic cars, and the Rolls-Royce name is high up on that list. In 1961, Elvis Presley walked himself into a Rolls-Royce dealership in Beverly Hills and walked out with a Phantom V model. A car that was on par with his status as the “The King of Rock & Roll”. From that day on, a Rolls-Royce became the conveyance of choice for the music scene’s burgeoning elite.

While we’re on that front, Rolls-Royce has decided to release the last of the special edition trilogy of the Wraith,  ‘Inspired by Music’ edition for the ultimate audiophile who expects nothing but the finest from his Wraith. Inside, one can expect no less than an impeccably crafted finishing that bodes well with an illustrious copper-themed fascia.

Being “Inspired by Music”, you would naturally expect the Wraith to have a banging great stereo and you’d be right, for it promises to come with the best stereo system in the automotive industry with a 1300-Watt, 18-channel system comprising two sub-woofers, seven tweeters and seven mid-range speakers. Two ‘exciter’ are speakers hand-fitted in the car’s headlining. All of this is to deliver a natural and organic sound to the occupants.2015-Rolls-Royce-inspired-05

The Wraith has a dark Lyrical Copper paintjob on the outside, and both brushed and polished copper trim throughout the interior. There’s a bright book-matched copper dashboard, along with copper door inserts, speaker grilles with ‘Bespoke Audio’ engraved into it and more.

Powering this Roller is a 6.6-litre V12 churning out 624 horsepower to make the Wraith the fastest, most powerful production model in the company’s history. The BMW sourced N74 twin-turbo powerplant in the Wraith finds its way in the Rolls-Royce Ghost as well.



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