Aston Martin: What next after 102 years? More V12s of course!

What does it take for a centenarian to push his own cart? Well, the folks at Gaydon will quite convincingly say “all you need is a V12” as they present their second century strategy for further growth and development helmed by new CEO Dr Andy Palmer.

The 102-year old British sports and grand touring carmaker will hold the Aston Martin Estate – an exclusive private venue at Pebble Beach, California on 13 August 2015 to some 1,000 friends and customers. These visitors will get a glimpse into some of the brand’s latest cars, including the DBX Concept (the GT crossover pictured below) which received interest beyond expectations when it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.Aston-Martin-DBX-Concept-2

Aston Martin has just confirmed that the DBX will go into production, a move which will see the brand competing in the blazing crossover territory. Its road to creation also signals at Andy Palmer’s vision to develop the company’s strongest and most diverse product portfolio in its history. At this time of writing, the DBX Concept remains an all-electric vehicle, with individual electric motors powering each wheel. There’s no word on what engine will be thrown up front, but the four-seat GT crossover will be environmentally responsible. Goodbye V12, perhaps?

Nevertheless, the Estate will be paraded by some of Aston’s most vicious V12 monsters to date, namely the 6.0-litre DB9 GT7.0-litre Vulcan and the 5.9-litre V12 Lagonda Taraf super saloon – a model hand built by the company’s finest men and women at Gaydon, under the very roof that gave birth to every One-77 supercar.

The very exclusive Aston Martin Estate

Say, not bad for a company that has survived two crippling world wars and a bankruptcy, right?



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