Mazda Koeru Concept: Could it be a CX-4 under all the blatant ambiguity?

Mazda Motor Corporation have just announced that they will play host to the world premier of their Koeru crossover SUV concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in mid September 2015.

Details are way to scarce for us to even make sense of what the Koeru will be, but the company says the word in Japanese means to “exceed” or “go beyond”, adding that they aim to exceed all conventional notions of the segment in which the Koeru will contend. It’s definitely a CX model, and not the hot Mazda3 MPS we all long to see in the flesh.

2015-mazda-crossover-conceptRight now, we can only guess that the final form of the Koeru is either that of the CX-4 or the CX-6, complementing the CX-3 and CX-5 models in a fashion similar to how the BMW X4 is to the X3, X5 and so on. When the Koeru takes centre stage on 15 September, it will give us a sneak peek of the company’s latest embodiment of their KODO Soul of Motion design philosophy.


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