MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe is a Cooper S with extra chromosomes

Nothing screams a cry for attention louder than driving a mirror around town, because that’s essentially what this MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe is. In case you’re wondering, the chrome body you see here isn’t the result of a wrap. Instead, the entire car is coated in chrome, and the processes involved in making this special MINI go way back into the production line in their Oxford plant in the UK.

MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe (6)


The Munich-based carmaker held an exclusive preview of this chromed MINI 3 Door to a group of selected guests on April Fools’ Day under a precautionary measure that all photojournalists who wish to attend the event must wear sunglasses and not use the flash on their cameras due to physically uncontrollable reflections. In other words, MINI probably doesn’t want to risk their guests having seizures, hence the ruling.

MINI added on by saying that the resultant sparkle directs attention to the premium small car’s design features that have typified the MINI brand and its cars since 1959. So what’s new in the production line, you ask? Well, the first obvious step is to dim the lights of the assembly hall, then comes the wackier part. The operating speed of the conveyor belt will be reduced to give employees the opportunity to check their clothing and hair in the reflection of the chromed MINI body.

MINI with Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe (4)

On the bright side (quite literally), the chrome finish isn’t legal in some countries – Malaysia included, and it also happens to be one of the better April Fools’ prank MINI has pulled so far. Had us convinced there for a while. Touché, MINI.





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