Another carmaker to reveal their updated price list since GST took place over SST is Perodua, whose models see a 0.1 percent to 1.6 percent reduction in their OTR selling price. That, if translated into numbers, is a cut between RM95 to RM650.

Perodua Axia launch in Malaysia -

Below is the breakdown of Perodua’s new pricing:

Model Variant

Price before GST

Price after GST

Axia 1.0 Standard E MT RM 24,612,15 RM 24,437.16 RM 175
1.0 Standard G MT RM 29,812.15 RM 29,637.16 RM 175
1.0 Standard G AT RM 32,812.15 RM 32,637.15 RM 175
1.0 SE MT RM 36,812.12 RM 36,637.15 RM 175
1.0 SE AT RM 39,812.15 RM 39,637.15 RM 175
1.0 Advance AT RM 42,142.15 RM 41,967.15 RM 175
Myvi 1.3 Standard G MT RM 41,512.15 RM 40,862.16 RM 650
1.3 Standard G AT RM 44,512.15 RM 43,862.15 RM 650
1.3 Premium X AT RM 47,512.15 RM 46,862.15 RM 650
1.5 SE MT RM 50,513.50 RM 49,968.50 RM 545
1.5 SE AT RM 53,513.50 RM 52,968.50 RM 545
1.5 Advance AT RM 58,513.50 RM 57,968.51 RM 545
Alza 1.5 Standard MT RM 52,427.00 RM 52,332.00 RM 95
1.5 Standard AT RM 55,427.00 RM 55,332.00 RM 95
1.5 SE MT RM 56,427.00 RM 56,332.00 RM 95
1.5 SE AT RM 59,427.00 RM 59,332.00 RM 95
1.5 Advanced Version AT RM 65,027.00 RM 64,932.00 RM 95


The smallest reduction, ironically, goes to the Alza with a RM95 cut across the range. Malaysia’s most popular B-Segment car, the Myvi, gets the chunkiest cut at RM650 for the 1.3L variants and RM545 for the 1.5L variants, wheras buyers can look forward to buying the Axia for RM175 cheaper.

The New Perodua Alza Launch -

Perodua’s President and CEO, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh also mentioned that the company will be maintaining the current price for spare parts, while further stressing that they will absorb the impact of GST so customers won’t have to pay more when they get their parts replaced.

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