GST: All KIA models get price cut ranging from RM308 to RM2,088

Most cars as evidently seen these days have had their price effectively reduced since the implementation of Goods and Services Tax last week on 1 April. Kia too, follows suit, announcing their revised on-the-road price which includes road tax and insurance.

Kia Picanto 002

The price cut ranges from RM308 to RM2,088. Do refer to the table below for a quick comparison of the prices before and after GST was implemented:




Price before GSTPrice after GST


Picanto1.2 MTCKD1,248 ccRM 54,888RM 54,888

1.2 ATCKD1,248 ccRM 59,888RM 59,888

Rio1.4 EXCKD1,396 ccRM 73,888RM 73,580RM 308
1.4 SXCKD1,396 ccRM 79,888RM 79,080RM 808
Cerato1.6 KxCKD1,591 ccRM 89,888RM 89,680RM 208
1.6 SXCKD1,591 ccRM 99,888RM 99,480RM 408
2.0LCKD1,591 ccRM 118,888RM 117,680RM 1,208
Optima K52.0LCBU1,999 ccRM 149,888RM 148,000RM 1,888
Sportage2.0LCKD1,999 ccRM 138,888RM 137,800RM 1,088
Sorento2.4LCKD2,359 ccRM 158,888RM 156,800RM 2,088


The pricing shown above is only for private ownership in West Malaysia, and are inclusive of registration, road tax and insurance fees. All Kia models come with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty programme.

Kia Cerato


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