Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has announced their revised price list upon the implementation of GST since 1 April 2015. Mitsubishi cars are now between RM200 to RM2,000 cheaper, and the following price list is based on the cars’ new on-the-road price including GST but without insurance.

Lancer GTE (20)

No Model Pre-GST Price (RM) Post-GST Price (RM) Difference (RM)
1 Mirage GS 63,940 63,740 200
2 Attrage SE 75,796 75,596 200
3 Attrage GS 67,978 67,778 200
4 Lancer GTE 115,590 115,090 500
5 ASX 4WD 128,879 128,179 700
6 ASX 2WD 114,743 114,043 700
7 Pajero 291,177 289,177 2,000
8 Pajero Sport VGT 172,211 171,211 1,000
9 Triton VGT GS 107,809 107,609 200
10 Triton AT 95,247 95,047 200
11 Triton MT 90,377 90,177 200
12 Triton MT STD 82,185 81,985 200
13 Triton LITE Turbo 65,529 65,329 200


Point in case here, all of Mitsubishi’s cars see a marginal dip in OTR prices now despite having most of them fully imported from either Japan or Thailand. The only locally assembled car of the lot would be the ASX, whereas the Mirage, Attrage, Pajero Sport and Triton are fully imported from Thailand and the Lancer and Pajero are CBU units from Japan.

Mitsubishi Triton facelift launch event -

MMM’s newly appointed CEO, Mr Won-Chul Yang said, “Taking into consideration of difference in the tax rate of 4% (from 6% GST and 10% of Sales and Service tax (SST)) and weakened Ringgit against the US Dollar, we remain committed to provide all Malaysians with a pleasant ownership and value-for-money cars. Customers are encouraged to also take the opportunity of our on-going deals and promotions.”

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