Lexus recently dropped two big bombs in the form of teaser pictures of its upcoming high-performance, track-ready ‘F’ model. The second F-designated model is to join the RM782,000 RC F in the high-performing sports car segment and will make its global premier at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, also known as the Detroit Motor Show.


Further information regarding this model remains a strictly tight-lipped affair, but rumours have that it may be the successor to the outgoing IS F. Lexus also previewed the LF-C2 2+2 Concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show last month, but the way the headlights are designed is a clear giveaway that the new F isn’t the production version of the LF-C2.

The carmaker’s larger sedan, the GS, is also rumoured to be bestowed with the F badge. If so, we could be looking at a high-performing four-door sedan that could take on the likes of the BMW M3 or M5 sedans. There’s no word on the powerplant as well, but it’s very likely that it will share the same 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine found in the RC F Coupe.

Lexus F

The 2015 Detroit Motor Show will run from 12 to 25 January. Meanwhile, have a read on our report of the Lexus RC 350 and RC F here.

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