Perodua Axia: First Official Photos and Sales Target

Perodua has released some official photos of their latest baby, the Axia. Finally we’re able to see the engine bay where the 1.0-liter 12-valve DOHC engine that produces 66 horsepower and 87 Nm of torque resides.

Axia Standard Green

With the official launch date getting closer and closer, the order books have been piling up for the highly anticipated 10th Perodua model, the Axia. Perodua has been accepting orders since 15th of August and on the fifth day, 3,500 bookings have been made, and the number will keep on increasing by the looks of it.

Engine Compartment

Perodua is targeting to sell around 30,000 units of the Axia by emphasising on the 4 key highlights mentioned previously by Perodua President and CEO Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, which are environmentally friendly, very spacious for a compact vehicle, easy driving and economical in terms of the overall cost of ownership.

Axia AV Red

To recap, the Axia will come in 4 variants; Standard E, Standard G, SE, and Advance while the indicative price is from RM24,900 for the Standard E and all the way up to RM44,900 for the range-topping Advance complete with leather seats and navigation system.

Axia SE Yellow

All Axia will be covered by factory-backed 5-year Warranty, and it is also Malaysia’s first Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) that can travel up to 21.6km/l in all Manual variants, while 4-speed Automatic variants achieves 20.1km/l.

Stay tuned with as we bring you more info on the latest Perodua Axia!




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