Toyota making a comeback in WRC with the GT86 CS-R3 [+Video]

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has developed the GT86 CS-R3 rally car that is set to enter the rally events in the near future. Still in prototype form, the GT86 CS-R3 will make its public debut on the ninth round of the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship, at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland as a zero car.


Being a zero car (a car to notify the spectators that the rally is about to take place on that particular route) the GT86 CS-R3 will not compete for the championship points, but it is equally important for development as the car will go through the same torturous terrain as the competing cars. The prototype GT86 CS-R3 will be driven and evaluated by former female world champion Isolde Holderied. The data from Rallye Deutschland will then be used to fine-tune the car for the final specifications before the R3 homologation process takes place.


TMG is targeting the GT86 CS-R3 to deliver around 240-250 hp from the 2.0-litre boxer 4-cylinder by modifying the engine with revised cam lift and compression ratio. The car is equipped with a limited slip differential and all the power will be transferred to the rear wheels via a 6-speed sequential gearbox. Weight reduction was the main focus during the development, so a custom FIA-homologated safety cage has been designed specifically for the car. The car also features new suspension arms to go with three-way adjustable Reiger shocks with different setups for tarmac or gravel.


Customer cars will be available from the first quarter of 2015 with pricing to be announced after confirmation of the final specifications. Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer, Customer Motorsport said “We are testing our prototype on a very public stage, the FIA World Rally Championship, which shows how confident we are in this project.”





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