Honda’s global B-segment sedan has launched today in India. Like all Hondas growing up, the new 2014 Honda City has also gained a bigger body, a new diesel engine (that probably wont make it here) and a longer wheelbase. Purist might complaint that the size keeps growing, but for the passengers, it would mean that the interior will have more legroom that its predecessor.

New 2014 Honda City

Dimensions for the whole new City is 4440mm, which is merely 25mm longer than the outgoing model, but Honda has increase the wheelbase to 2600mm, which is a healthy 50mm more than the predecessor.

New 2014 Honda City

Performance wise, the Honda City is powered by the same engine that powers the current 2008 model, but has been improved to deliver better fuel efficiency. The gearbox is expected to be the same 5 speed automatic that is in the current City. At least, the City’s gearbox isn’t as ancient as the 2013 Vios’s, which is a prehistoric 4 speed automatic.

New 2014 Honda City

Anyhow, do stay tuned to as we will bring you more info about this new 2014 Honda City.




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