Now, you’ve probably seen the real life Lego car that’s actually drivable, this is on a completely new degree, Celsius that is. Some folks from Canada built one cool pickup truck, out of ice! Yes, the same little cold and frozen cubes that you put in your drink.

Ice truck, made of ice blocks

The icy cold truck weighs over 11,000 pounds, which is about5,000kg, complete with a fully functional engine and electronics. It uses a Chevy Silverado 2500 HD frame, then received a lot of help from Bronson Line Automotive Ltd, Pick Me Productions and Iceculture. This ice truck is actually a promotional stunt by Canadian Tire to show that their batteries can operate under extreme conditions, -49 degree Celsius to be exact.


This is one of the weird and wacky things people do just to stand out from the crowd. Kudos to the team for being able to pull this task off so well!


Check out the videos and some images below.





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