The shit hits the fan. That sums up what happened in the news we sharing here. There’s a local online tabloid reported what supposed to be a minor car accident which has gone from bad to shitty worse in Malaysia. In the suburban area of Bandar Sri Permaisuri, what supposed to be a simple exercise of exiting the car from the parking lot for a woman in her 50’s in her Proton Wira has ended up badly as her actions has caused collateral damage on three other cars and four superbikes.

The poor Myvis are among the casualties

UPDATED! Here’s a video taken from security cameras at the front of the superbike shop.

The logic? Well it appears that the Proton Wira was parked on the opposite of a motorcycle shop and this poor woman was reversing her car when she accidentally hit an Volvo XC60 SUV which was believed to belong to the brother of the motorcycle shop. On panic mode, she moved her car front and reversed for the second time only to hit the two poor Perodua Myvis on the rear side of the car park. On her sixth move, she forwarded the car too fast and dashed into the motorcycle shop and rammed into four superbikes, which include a Honda VFR 1000, Suzuki GSX 1000cc, Honda CBR 1000cc dan BMW 1400cc, with the earlier belong to the shop’s customer. Passers by who saw this furore screamed at the woman and asked her to stop the car and pull the keys before more damages is done.

The Insurance claim is going to be painful!

The aftermath and loss incurred is humongous as seen on the images here. Sources claimed that the motorcycle shop’s damage could reach almost half a million ringgit (approx USD163,000++) and during the incident, a woman who works at a bank nearby dashed into her car to drive out from the area to avoid her car to become the next casualty. The poor woman’s husband, who left her wife in her Proton to run some errands nearby, was shocked and stunned by the whole event. The last word we received about the woman is she’s deeply shaken by the incident.

UPDATED! Here’s a video taken from security cameras at the garage of the superbike shop.

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