New Porsche Panamera to debut in November – new PDK, 4 hybrids, 70% more EV range, 11kW charging

Porsche will introduce the third generation of the Porsche Panamera to the world in November this year. Ahead of the car’s debut, Porsche has released teaser images of the third-generation model in light camouflage and has also revealed some of its technical highlights.

You can pretty much see the next-generation Panamera already since the camouflage is minimal. What we can’t quite see is the headlight design as that area has been covered in camouflage…

Not only releasing teaser images, Porsche has also revealed some technical highlights of the upcoming third-generation Panamera. Among them are:

  • 4 e-hybrid variants (1 new variant added, which is a high-performance model)
  • Revised combustion powertrain
  • New PDK transmission with new integrated electric motor which offers higher drivetrain and recuperation performance
  • Higher capacity battery (25.9 kWh)
  • 11 kW onboard charger
  • An optional high-end chassis, offered for the first time
  • Newly developed chassis with active damper control
  • Innovative air suspension (two-valve shock absorber as standard)

Ahead of its debut, the third-generation Porsche Panamera is currently in its final testing phase in Barcelona. The testing phase in Barcelona focuses on the Panamera’s powertrain which includes the new Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) and the newly developed chassis with active damper control. Prior to Barcelona, the Panamera has been tested in the USA for drivetrain performance at high altitudes and low oxygen levels, and cooling performance in extreme heat. It was also tested in Scandinavia, South Africa, and Asia.

The powertrain updates to the Porsche Panamera are highlighted by the fourth e-hybrid powertrain, but Porsche has also improved the hybrid powertrain overall. The new PDK that the Panamera uses has an also new electric motor integrated into it. Porsche says that this new PDK transmission offers better drivetrain and recuperation performance.

In fact, the electric range has also been increased by 70% (from its predecessor). Head of the Panamera product line, Dr. Thomas Friemuth said, “We are increasing the electrical performance of the Panamera in all E-Hybrid models with regard to driving dynamics and the important disciplines of electric range and charging speed. During our tests, we’re driving up to 70 per cent further purely on electric power than we did in its predecessor.”



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