Porsche opens its first charging lounge in Germany – 6X 300kW DC, 4X 22kW AC charging points

Porsche has opened its first charging lounge, located just outside of Bingen am Rhein, a town in Germany. Opened 24/7 and strategically located close to busy routes, the Charging Lounge Offers six 300-kW DC fast-charging stations and four 22-kW AC charging points. Porsche also aims to set up even faster chargers, offering up to 400 kW per charging point starting next year.

The chargers are manufactured by South Tyrolean electronic specialist Alpitronic, and the charging processes use power from certified renewable sources. In fact, part of the required electricity at the Porsche Charging Lounge is provided by the photovoltaic system of solar cells on the roof.

Inside, the Porsche Charging Lounge is heated and air-conditioned by a heat pump that operates without fossil fuels. Other amenities available at the lounge include snacks and drinks, and a WiFi network, together with analogue and digital media for customers’ entertainment. Customers can also exercise using the smart fitness mirrors available in the lounge.

To access the Porsche Charging Lounge’s charging stations and the lounge area, a Porsche ID is required, which must also be linked to the car. If the number plate is stored in the customer’s Porsche ID, the barrier will automatically open thanks to automatic number plate recognition.

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The vehicle’s registration number can also be stored in the MyPorsche app, which allows customers to alternatively access the site using a QR code from the MyPorsche app, or by using their Porsche Charging card. Moving forward, Porsche is planning to set up its charging lounge throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Porsche AG Executive Board Chairman, Oliver Blume said, “Porsche has mapped out an ambitious path towards electrification. 2030 we want over 80 per cent of the cars that we deliver to be all-electric. This ambitious ramp-up requires a high-performance and dense fast-charging network.”

Blume added, “The exclusive Porsche Charging Lounges are making an important contribution to this. They are a barrier-free, sustainable and state-of-the-art addition to the Ionity network.”

Closer to home, Porsche’s High-Performance Charging (HPC) network is set up and operated in collaboration with Shell Malaysia. There are in total six HPC stations, offering up to DC charging rates of 180 kW, and are located along the North-South highway. This enables EV owners to travel long distances, from Singapore all the way to Thailand, for instance. Alternatively, Porsche EV owners in Malaysia can also choose to fast charge their cars over at the Porsche Centres.

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