Perodua Electric Motion Online (EMO) concept teased, hybrid coming soon?

Ahead of the Malaysia Auto Show that is set to happen next week, Perodua has teased a hybrid concept car that will make its debut during the event itself. Called the Perodua Electric Motion Online (EMO), it could preview an upcoming hybrid car by the local carmaker.

Perodua has already laid out that it will work towards electrification. The company will likely debut its first hybrid car in 2024 and perhaps its first electric car by 2029. Although there is the Perodua Ativa Hybrid, it is essentially a rebadged Daihatsu Rocky hybrid and is only available through a leasing programme. The rebadged Rocky is fully imported from Japan.

To recap, the Ativa Hybrid ran a mild hybrid (MHEV) setup which consisted of an electric motor (106 hp/170 Nm) and a 1.2-litre engine (82 hp/105 Nm). The engine only functions as a generator. Back in 2018, Perodua already showcased a hybrid powertrain concept at KLIMS 2018, albeit only a structure with a bare frame setup.

Based on the Facebook post shared by Perodua, the EMO should have a hatchback/SUV body style. Its body lines somewhat resemble that of the Perodua X concept that was also previewed at KLIMS 2018. The concept will most likely preview the powertrain of upcoming future models and perhaps a little design hints of upcoming Perodua models as well. With “Online” being part of the abbreviation, EMO could also preview a more internet-connected vehicle by the local carmaker.

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The biggest challenge for Perodua to introduce an affordable hybrid vehicle would be the localization of parts, especially those concerning the electrified drivetrain. One issue faced by Perodua is its vendors’ “lack of exposure to HEV/BEV & advance technology parts due to low adoption in Malaysia automotive industry.”

Malaysia Auto Show 2023 will take place at MAEPS, Serdang from May 4 to 7, 2023. It is organized by the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics, & IoT Institute.

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