Kia EV9 specs revealed – over 541km range, V2L, L3 autonomous driving

With the design of the Kia EV9 unveiled two weeks ago, Kia has now revealed more details of its new large electric SUV. Kia will begin offering pre-orders of the EV9 for the Korean market in the second quarter of 2023. The Kia EV9 will go on sale in selected global markets in the second half of the year.

Being an electric car, let’s first address the battery, range, and performance of the Kia EV9. There are two battery sizes for the EV9, the smaller one being a 76.1-kWh battery pack and the larger one being a 99.8-kWh battery pack. In its longest-range version, the Kia EV9 can be driven for over 541 km (targeted WLTP range).

From the official statement, there are three drivetrain options for the Kia EV9

  • Rear wheel drive (RWD) Standard – 76.1 kWh
  • RWD Long Range – 99.8 kWh
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD) – 99.8 kWh

In its standard RWD variant, the Kia EV9 is powered by a single electric motor that produces 160 kW (215 hp metric) and 350 Nm. It does the century sprint in 8.2 seconds. All power is sent to the rear wheels.

Sacrificing performance for maximum range, the RWD Long Range variant produces less power at 150 kW (201 hp metric) and 350 Nm. 0-100 km/h is done in 9.4 seconds and Kia targets an electric range of over 541 km from the large 99.8-kWh battery.

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The All-Wheel Drive version gets two electric motors that make a combined output of 283 kW (380 hp metric) and 600 Nm. The AWD version does the century sprint in 6.0 seconds. The AWD version can also be made faster with an optional ‘Boost’ feature that will be made available for purchase on the Kia Connect Store. With the ‘boost’ feature, the AWD Kia EV9 unleashes all 700 Nm of combined torque, accelerating the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds.

Like the Kia EV6, the EV9 boasts an 800-V architecture that enables ultra-fast charging. Kia says that the Kia EV6 can replenish 239 km of range in approximately 15 minutes. The EV9 comes with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) functionality through its Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU), enabling the discharging of energy from the vehicle battery. Families can use up to 3.68 kW of power for laptops or camping equipment.

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As for dimensions, the Kia EV9 measures 5,010 mm long, 1,980 mm wide, and 1,755 mm tall. Its wheelbase measures 3,100 mm long. Key exterior highlights include a signature ‘Digital Tiger Face’, and ‘Star Map’ LED daytime running lights (DRL).

Kia has also taken this opportunity to unveil the Kia EV9 GT-Line together with the unveiling of the standard version. The GT-line features a distinctive black colour palette and a ‘Digital Pattern Lighting Grille’.

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Inside, the Kia EV9 features relaxation seats in the first row to ensure a comfortable resting posture. The second-row seats offer 4 seating options – 3-seater bench seats, basic-type, relaxation-type, and swivel-type two-seater independent seats. Occupants in the third row are provided with charging points and cup holders.

Other interior highlights include a triple-screen display with two 12.3-inch displays sandwiching a 5-inch screen. Hidden type touch buttons beneath provide a start/stop function along with an infotainment system as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control.

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The Kia EV9 also features Level 3 autonomous driving with the Kia’s Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) system. Fifteen sensors, including two lidars, enable it to scan for and detect objects in a full 360-degree field of view, enabling it to detect and react to the road and other users to prevent potential collisions. Kia is planning to offer the HDP in the EV9 GT-line model in the future. Further details on the HDP will be disclosed nearer its market availability.

Kia President and CEO, Ho Sung Song said, “The Kia EV9 transcends all aspects of traditional SUV thinking and represents the pinnacle of Kia’s design and engineering capabilities. Created to meet the needs of all family members, the EV9 also spearheads Kia’s rapid transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider, not just by its advanced EV architecture, but also through the numerous recycled and sustainable materials used in its creation.”


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