Honda Malaysia to launch 3 new models, 1 facelift update in 2023 – what could they be?

Honda Malaysia has announced that it will be unveiling three all-new models, alongside one facelift update for 2023, in its efforts to achieve its sales target of 80,000 units this year. The company has already confirmed that the all-new Honda WR-V will be launched here in Malaysia in the third quarter, so what are the other three models? Here are our guesses, based on a little digging and guesswork!

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For the all-new model launches, the most likely model to be introduced here in Malaysia this year will be the sixth-generation Honda CR-V. The model will be making its ASEAN debut in Thailand in just two days’ time, so it’s likely that the model will also be making its debut in Malaysia soon – especially when test mules have already been spotted doing their rounds on our local roads.

In Thailand, the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V will be offered with a 2.0-litre e:HEV hybrid mill in its range-topping RS variant, with alongside the familiar 1.5-litre VTEC turbocharged engine for the other variants. The Honda Sensing advanced driver assist systems will also be standard across all variants.

The third all-new model launch will sound a little surprising, but we have good reason to believe that the FL5 Honda Civic Type R is indeed making its way into Malaysia this year too. Firstly, it’s a single slide during Honda Malaysia’s presentation that shows off the Type R’s six-speed manual shifter, alongside the caption “2023 Exciting Year”. Sounds pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think?

Besides, the model has also already made their debut in both Vietnam and Thailand – albeit in severely limited quantities – so it’s only fair to assume it’s our turn soon. We promise this isn’t just wishful thinking.

As for the facelift update, we’re really torn between two models. The most likely model here is probably the Honda City, as it’s the best-selling model for the marque here on our shores. The Honda City only just received a slight makeover update in India, which introduces a reworked grille up front, alongside new bumpers.

With that being said, the 10th-generation Honda Accord, which made its debut here back in 2021, is also due for an update – especially if you consider that the 11th-generation model has already been unveiled for the US. A powertrain upgrade to the e:HEV hybrid mill (as seen on the Accord in Thailand) could be possible here, although we won’t hold our breath for that.

Which of these launches do you think are the most likely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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