Continental ComfortContact CC7 now in Malaysia, from 13″ to 16″ sizes

Continental Tyres Malaysia has just launched the seventh generation of its comfort-oriented tyre, the Continental ComfortContact CC7 in Malaysia. With improved safety and handling over its predecessor, the Comfort Contact CC7 tyres are available in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches.

In its seventh generation, the CC7 tyres are Continental’s answer to the increasing importance of improved cabin acoustics. The CC7 tyres have been upgraded with Comfort+ Technology that promises a smoother drive experience and a quiet ride for more moments of tranquility and peace of mind – “Driving Comfort, Redefined by Technology”.

According to Continental, a tyre’s comfort parameters are typically measured through the vehicle’s Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) characteristics. The company’s research suggests that tyres can be responsible for around 50 per cent of the noise produced when driving.

Continental head of R&D Asia Pacific, Bob Liu said, “When travelling at higher speeds especially, tyre-to-road noise and turbulence increase and become much more noticeable. Tyre noise is also becoming an increasingly important factor for electric vehicles whose drive systems are barely audible. For both conventional ICE and electric vehicles, this means selecting the right comfort tyre is a crucial decision that can greatly improve in-cabin acoustics.”

Continental tyre Malaysia Managing Director, Andrea Somorova said, “Given the distinct requirements of different customer bases as well as the demand of innovative technology, we dig deep to understand the needs of drivers in Malaysia and create products to fulfil these requirements.”

A team of over 30 engineers and experts have spent more than 7,500 hours designing, simulating, building and prototype testing. More than 500 tests under various road and laboratory conditions were carried out, with a distance enough to circle the Earth over 7 times.

Engineered for our comfort tyre segment, Comfort+ Technology is specifically for drivers who prioritise comfort for themselves and their passengers. Comfort+ Technology encompasses the ComfortContact CC7’s three key features, “Z.E.N”, – Zero Shock Pattern, Everflex Compound, and Noise Muter.


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