Volkswagen ID.Tiguan in the works, EV SUV could be ready by 2026

Set to join the “ID” electric vehicle (EV) lineup of the Volkswagen brand is an all-electric version of the Volkswagen Tiguan, which is projected to start production in 2026, as reported by Handelsblatt. News of the all-electric Tiguan, most likely named the Volkswagen ID.Tiguan, surfaces after a works council meeting at the Volkswagen Wolfsburg headquarters, where Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in attendance.

Just a day before, the word was already out that the upcoming Volkswagen ID.2 could be named the Volkswagen ID.Golf and could make its world debut as soon as next month. After having numbers following the “ID” prefix for a while now, Volkswagen might pair the “ID” prefix with iconic model names like the Golf and Tiguan.

At the LA Auto show last year, Volkswagen Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of passenger cars, Thomas Shafer, explained, “we have iconic brand names,” adding, “we will stick with the ID logic, but iconic models will carry a name.” As such, the “ID.Tiguan” name is a likely outcome.

Initially, Volkswagen’s plan was to bring Project Trinity to reality by 2026. However, due to software development constraints, the plan had to be postponed to around 2028. Part of Project Trinity is an all-electric sedan and the other part is what the company calls a “Business Model 2.0”. The all-electric Tiguan or the ID.Tiguan serves to fill this gap to bridge the company toward the new implementation date of Project Trinity.

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The first sketch of the Trinity project shows a flat, sporty sedan.

Volkswagen had already announced at the end of the year that it would be relying more heavily on the Group’s well-known product ranges – also in terms of design. According to the group, many customers wish that models like the Golf, the GTI, or the Tiguan had a future in the electric age. So far, Volkswagen has not had an offer for this. That should change with the ID.Tiguan.

Ahead of the Volkswagen ID.Tiguan, Volkswagen is set to debut an updated internal combustion engine (ICE) version of the Volkswagen Tiguan by this year. In Malaysia, the current Tiguan is only available in the Allspace 7-seater configuration in three variants (Life, Elegance, R-Line).

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