‘Kosong Spec’ Perodua Axia E Manual lives on, price and specs to be revised

With the launch of the all-new 2023 Perodua Axia today, one thing some may notice is the lack of a manual variant among the four that debuted. However, a manual base version of the Perodua Axia will still be available, albeit on the non-DNGA body. Perodua has confirmed that the Perodua Axia E will live on to be sold to both driving schools and private owners.

Known to some as the ‘Kosong Spec’ Axia, the Perodua Axia E is famously used by driving schools. Most young drivers would have probably driven one during their learning period, and the ‘Kosong Spec’ nickname is a very apt one. Some of the features lacking in the Axia E include central locking, a head unit, a tachometer, and a rear windscreen wiper. Possibly the most distinguishing feature of the ‘Kosong Spec’ Axia are its 14-inch steel wheels.

Like other versions of the Axia, the Perodua Axia E manual is still powered by the same 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine that makes 67 hp and 91 Nm. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Upon launch, the Axia used to be available with a manual transmission even in the higher variants, but after the second facelift in 2019, the manual transmission is only available in the ‘E’ variant.

In a presentation by Perodua during the preview of the all-new Axia, Perodua stated that the Axia E will still be continued due to the diverse requirement and income levels of the brand’s customers. Perodua will continue to produce the ‘old’ Axia E to fulfill its role as the “most affordable car” in the market.

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It was also mentioned by Perodua during this announcement that the price and specification of the Axia E Manual will be announced at a later date, hinting at further enhancements to the existing model.


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