Still confused about the road tax situation? Anthony Loke answers your questions

With the latest announcement by the Malaysian Transport Minister on displaying the road tax sticker no longer being necessary, some have celebrated by peeling off their road tax sticker on the day of the announcement itself. However, others may still be unconvinced and perhaps even confused as to the whole road ta situation in Malaysia. Well, worry not, Transport Minister Anthony Loke has made a social media post to clarify the rule on displaying your road tax on your car’s windscreen.

1. Is it compulsory to install the MyJPJ mobile application on your smartphone?

“No, you don’t. Installing the MyJPJ app is only one option to get a digital copy of your road tax and driver’s license.”

2. If I fail to download the MyJPJ app now and am not able to show my digital road tax, will I be fined?

“No, you will not. Enforcers will be able to verify the status of your road tax and driver’s license through their own systems and gadgets.”

3. Do I still have to pay to renew my road tax and driver’s license?

“Yes, you will still have to pay for renewal fees. The new announcement only states that the road tax does not have to be displayed.”

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4. How about senior citizens and areas with poor internet connectivity?

“Don’t worry, the digital format of the road tax is not compulsory. You can still get the road tax sticker and physical driver’s license from JPJ should you require it.”

5. If the car is not being driven by the registered owner, how to show the digital road tax?

“That’s simple, the digital road tax can be printed on paper and be kept inside the car. However, failure to present the road tax is not an offence. The enforcers can still check the details through their gadgets and system.”

6. Why have I not been able to log in to MyJPJ since the announcement?

“Like all other new systems, there is a bulk of new users trying to register at the same time. Traffic is very high.”

“I know there are still many questions from the public. We will try to give explanations as clearly as possible. I realise that in any change of process, it will take time to be implemented. There will be parties that disagree with the change. I respect all opinions and will try manage this matter as best as I can. Together with my team from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Road Transport Department (JPJ), I will try to improve any issues that arise in this period of change.”

Anthony Loke ends his Facebook posting by we will all work together towards a better future and thanking those who have taken the time read his explanations. There is also a Facebook video for even simpler clarification.

We at hope that this entry has helped you in case you were still confused about this new announcement. Happy peeling off your road tax stickers.


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