Improved road tax stickers to be rolled out this year, says Anthony Loke

The days of the pesky blue road tax stickers could soon be coming to an end, as Transport Minister Anthony Loke has announced via a Facebook post that the department will be rolling out a new overhaul for the road tax system this year.

“I know many people complain about poor quality road tax stickers. That matter is indeed in our attention and a big change will be implemented this year,” he said in the statement.

The matter was discussed in a meeting with the top management of Road Transport Department (JPJ), who briefed the minister of the department’s plans for 2023.

Aside from the road tax stickers, the department will also be focusing on digitalising its core services to the people, such as vehicle and driver licensing, in an effort to “make things easier for the people” and prevent long queues at the JPJ offices.

Enforcement of traffic laws will also be strengthened as part of the department’s 2023 agenda.

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Photo: Anthony Loke Siew Fook/Facebook

Loke added that the new initiatives will be carefully planned with JPJ, and further details will be announced later when full preparations have been made.

These announcements come after a wave of directives announced by the new transport minister, including a planned revamp for the public transport systems surrounding the nation’s capital, as well as the implementation of bike lanes on all federal and state roads.

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