Porsche wants to make as many Macan EVs as petrol model, production starts 2023

Porsche is planning to begin production of the all-electric Porsche Macan EV in 2023. About 80,000 units of the electric Porsche Macan are planned to be produced in a year, just like the current petrol-powered version.

Porsche Production and Logistics Member of the Executive Board, Albrecht Reimold told Automobilwoche, “We produce more than 80,000 units of the current generation (Macan) every year. In the long term, we are also planning the all-electric Macan on this scale.”

Dr. Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board, Research and Development, at Porsche AG, in front of two camouflaged prototypes of the all-electric Macan

Built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture shared with members of the Volkswagen Group, the upcoming all-electric Porsche Macan will be produced in the brand’s 20-year-old Leipzig facility. The group’s PPE architecture has previously underpinned the Audi A6 e-tron concept car. First production cars to use the PPE architecture will be the electric Porsche Macan and the upcoming Audi Q6 e-tron.

Unlike the Porsche Taycan, the electric Porsche Macan will be available alongside a petrol-powered option. The decision is made since everything depends on the global development of e-mobility. On the matter, Albrecht Reimold comments “We are therefore flexible and will manufacture the combustion model in parallel for around two years.”

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Testing equipment in the prototype all-electric Porsche Macan

In May last year, the electric Porsche Macan was “caught” during road tests in images released by Porsche themselves. Porsche says the Macan EV will be built on an 800V architecture, which enables it to support high-performance fast charging (up to 350kW). Aiming to be the “sportiest model in the segment”, the electric Macan promises long-distance range, high-performance fast charging, and reproducible best-in-class performance figures.

Boasting success in electrification, Porsche reportedly sold a total of 41,296 units of the first purely electric Porsche Taycan model in 2021, which corresponds to 13.7% of the total volume. It outsold the Porsche 911 in 2021, despite the 911 setting a new sales record of 38,464 units.

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