400 Honda Civic Type Rs descended on Motegi circuit in one of world’s largest gathering

It’s the 25th anniversary since the first Honda Civic Type R first made its global debut back in 1997. So as a celebration, Type R fans in Japan organised the Honda Civic Type R All Japan Meeting 2022, which saw 400 Civic Type R from all over the country descend onto the Mobility Resort Motegi (previously Twin Ring Motegi) circuit.

The 400-strong line-up in the gathering includes Civic Type Rs of all generations, from the EK9, all the way up to the most recent FK8. But aside from fan-owned cars, the gathering also saw displays from Honda themselves, alongside many of the Japanese marque’s partners, including Spoon, Mugen, J’s Racing, BBS, and even our own national petroleum company Petronas!

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Even the Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya was also present at the gathering to host a talk show, in partnership with Honda Access. But the main highlight of the day is definitely when all 400 Honda Civic Type Rs descended onto the track for a parade lap during sundown – the photos just speak for themselves.

Owners were also given the chance to take their Honda Civic Type Rs on the track, although it’s a separate entry fee of JPY19,200 (approx. RM645) – a small price to pay to explore the limits of your car safely, around a whole swarm of other enthusiasts.

It’s safe to say that the love for the Type R is truly still alive and well in Japan (and the rest of the world, too!) – we can only imagine the reception when Honda finally unveils the next-generation Civic Type R, slated for the second half of this year.



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