General Motors and Honda to produce more affordable electric vehicles together

General Motors and Honda today announced plans for a new chapter by codeveloping a series of affordable electric vehicles based on a new global architecture using next-generation Ultium battery technology. 

The two automotive giants are paving the way for global production of millions of electric vehicles (EV) starting in 2027, including compact crossover vehicles, utilising their respective technologies, design, and sourcing strategies. The compact crossover segment is the largest in the world, with annual volumes of more than 13 million vehicles.

GM and Honda will also look into collaboration opportunities in the development of EV batteries, reducing the cost of EV production and improving EV performance. The sharing of technologies and manufacturing strategies will help deliver more affordable EVs in key markets like North and South America and China.

In 2020, GM and Honda announced plans to co-develop two EVs, including the Honda Prologue, to be launched in early 2024; followed by Acura’s first EV SUV.


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