Check out this modified Honda City hatchback with tastefully-added carbon fibre bits!

Malaysians love accessorising/modifying their cars; and while this may not be new, we’re constantly reminded by it and this modified Honda City hatchback is one such example. It hasn’t even been a full quarter (four months) since Honda Malaysia launched the City hatchback but a certain Honda fanboy, as seen in this video by Galeri Kereta, completely transformed it.

In fact, the owner of the car and workshop responsible for the transformation (Street Garage), Shah Affendi, did not even wait a week! As he openly claimed, the car’s original condition only last an hour before the tinkering began.

For starters, the front hood has been replaced with a carbon fibre unit made in Street Garage, while the chrome front grille has been replaced with the one from the City RS hatchback. Even the front bumper mimics the one on the RS model; with the front bumper inserts imported from Thailand. The carbon fibre lip is also from Thailand but sold at Street Garage.

Towards the side, the side mirror caps have been swapped to carbon fibre units, along with the addition of carbon fibre side diffusers. Filling up the wheel arches are 15-inch wheels ala “Desmond Regamaster Evo”, with Yokohama AD08R tyres and Endless brake calipers. According to Shah, modifications had to be made to accommodate the significantly larger brake calipers – or else it wouldn’t fit into the wheels.

Highlighting the lack of disc brakes at the rear, disc brakes taken from the Honda Civic FD have been modified to fit.

The rear spoiler (which looks really good on the City hatchback), is also from Thailand but will soon be available locally via Street Garage. Shah also noted that the specific spoiler was opted to project a more proportionate rear end. As a fan of AMG vehicles, carbon trims were added to both corners of the spoiler. As for the rear diffuser, (with a titanium muffler sticking out of it), it should be the item of envy for the younger City hatchback owners.

The carbon fibre theme continues on the inside, with a carbon fibre steering wheel, replica bucket seats, and additional meters on the dashboard to monitor the car’s water temperature and voltage etc.

The items added may all be plug-and-play add-ons but there are some creative modifications too; like the illuminated door handles, for example, modified from the Honda Jazz. Footwell lighting has also been added.

According to Shah, the total cost of modifications are in the ballpark of RM50,000, and moving forward, the City hatchback will be used as a physical catalogue for all of Street Garage’s newest items. Street Garage is located in Shah Alam, Selangor and in Ipoh, Perak. Services included vehicle detailing, wraps and more.

Credit: Galeri Kereta YouTube



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