Video: Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI & TSI R-Line at Sepang – the best just got better!

A few weeks back, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia launched the all-new Mk8 Golf, with three variants available – the TSI R-Line, the GTI and the surprise of the night, the Golf R.

As it locally assembled, couple with SST exemptions, prices for the Golf GTI and TSI have been slashed beyond recognition. The GTI, assembled outside of Germany and China for the first time ever, starts from RM211k while the TSI R-Line is estimated to be priced between RM155k to RM165k.

Shortly after the launch, we were treated to a brief night track session with the TSI R-Line and Golf GTI, in the South section of the Sepang International Circuit. That said, it was enough to tell us what the new Golfs were all about.

The biggest takeaway from the new Golf GTI was that it now corners even harder, flatter, and more composed than ever before, and with far less effort and drama. The seats are even more well-padded than before, especially in the lower back section while the exhaust was noticeably louder with more bass.

In the TSI, the biggest change has to be the 8-speed automatic gearbox in replacement of the dual-clutch unit in the previous generation model. To sum up the TSI, if you just need a Golf, the R-Line will be more than sufficient. It may not have the quick shifting abilities from before, but it’s equally as quick without any compromise on the characteristics of a Volkswagen Golf. It even comes with the sports seats in the Golf GTI and Golf R!

More detailed information on the Golf TSI R-Line, Golf GTI, and Golf R here!


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