Perodua targets 247,800 sales in 2022 – 37.5% increase from last year

Perodua announced at a media conference today that it is setting its sights on 247,800 sales in 2022, after a tumultuous 2021 that saw its overall sales figure dip by 13.6%. The target represents a 37.5% increase over the 190,291 units delivered in 2021, and also a 12.6% jump over 2020’s figure (220,163).

With that forecast, the national carmaker is also expecting its market share to climb to 40.6% this year (from 37.5%), against an internal projected total industry volume (TIV) of 610,000 units. Perodua says that its internal projection is also higher than the 600,000 units forecasted by Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

According to Perodua’s president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, their optimistic outlook stems from the assurances by the government as the measures of containing the Covid-19 pandemic is showing success, and that another lockdown would not happen.

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He also said that the sales tax exemption initiative is still an excellent incentive for customers to purchase new cars, and its orders book for new vehicles are “still quite healthy”. Since its launch in November last year, the company has already delivered 7,055 units of the new Myvi, with booking numbers reaching 31,154 orders.

“With the guarantee that the production will go uninterrupted, will mean that we could fulfil the outstanding orders in a timely manner,” Datuk Zainal added.

Aside from sales, Perodua is also targetting to produce 265,900 vehicles in 2022, which is 37.5% higher compared to 2021 (193.400) and 20.3% higher than 2020’s figures (220,968).

“The increase in production would result in the increase in locally-sourced automotive parts by 41.5% to RM7.5 billion as compared with the RM5.3 billion purchased in 2021. This recovery would help the industry heal faster as the demand for vehicles is still strong,” he said.


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