Malaysia leg of Toyota Dream Car Art Contest begins from Jan 1st

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) will hold the “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest” from January 1st until February 11th 2022. The children’s art contest aims to stimulate young minds and share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars.

Now in its 15th edition, the global art competition comprises the National and the World Contest, with the former ending at the end of February 2022. Winners will then be representing their country in the World Contest that will be held in Japan.

The theme for this edition is simply “Your dream car”. Details on the National level contest can be found in the poster below and no purchase is required for participation.

Besides Toyota, art experts and automotive specialists from outside Toyota also adjudicate the entries and select the award winners in the contest’s three categories by age. Last year, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest gathered over 1.1 million entries from 75 countries and regions across the globe.

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The National Contest held by UMWT is opened to children aged 15 years old and younger, with three categories divided by age groups. For more information, log on to the Contest’s global website or the UMWT local link here.

Last year, Lim Xin Ying, 7, was awarded the Gold Award for the artwork called ‘Conservation Environment Car’. Meanwhile, Leng Yi Shun, 9, received the President Akio Toyoda Award for the impressive ‘Toyota Giant Car’ drawing. The huge collection of artworks are now catalogue and can easily be filtered for viewing here.


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