Mansory’s Cullinan ‘Special UAE’ takes Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge to the next level

Mansory isn’t known for their subtlety, but even then, this one might just have taken the cake for their most outrageous mod. Unveiled as a celebration for their first showroom in Dubai, Mansory’s new Cullinan ‘Special UAE’ has been given an extreme makeover both inside and out, with everything taken to the next level including its paint job.

Yup, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s a two-tone paint job in the most literal way, fading partway through the bodywork from a graphite-like grey colour in front to a sinister matte black at the rear. On top of that, there’s also a full body kit that adds a deeper front bumper with an integrated splitter, side skirts, rear spoiler, and even a pretty sizeable rear diffuser.

As if that’s still not enough, Mansory’s bodywork also include massive flared wheel arches covering the 24-inch forged wheels, alongside black/grey camo-like trims all around that somewhat resembles granite on closer inspection.

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The same granite-like finish is also applied onto most trim pieces on the Cullinan’s interior. The black and grey upholstery (different colour on each integrated seats) meanwhile has been given a new wave-like motif on the centre consoles and door panels.

Finishing off the interior touches are theis an outline of the United Arab Emirates, illuminated on the headlining just like Rolls-Royce’s own starlight headlining. The same outline can also be found embroidered onto the headrests and seatbelts – the latter also gets a Mansory-branded stripe bisecting it lengthwise.

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Mansory did not disclose what they’ve done to the powertrain, but we do know that there’s an additional boost in performance, with the Special UAE Cullinan now outputting 610 hp and 950 Nm – a pretty sizeable increase even when compared to the Black Badge Cullinan’s 600 hp and 900 Nm from its 6.75-litre V12 engine.

Also not mentioned is the price, although if you had to ask, the Mansory UAE Special Rolls-Royce Cullinan probably isn’t for you.



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